Make a Butterfly

Hand-MADE Hugs!

Beautiful and precious gifts often start with construction paper, glitter, glue, and love. This is an awesome project for your Sunday school class, Art class, Girls’ night out, Vacation Bible school, or your child’s birthday party!

  1. Choose your butterfly design, creative materials, and have fun!  Nothing is too silly, too simple, or too fancy.  It’s ALL good!
  2. Don’t forget, if you are a child, to sign your masterpiece with love!
  3. Mail it to:  Butterfly Hugs!             22226 Timberlake Rd.    Lynchburg, VA 24502

Questions?  Let me know! Contact Me

Hand-PICKED Hugs!

If you’re NOT crafty, like me, please know all hand-PICKED butterflies are welcome and absolutely count as Butterfly Hugs!  If you are shopping at the Dollar Store or a cute boutique and you see a butterfly, in any form, that would brighten someone’s life, please know we’d love to have it!

Hand-ME-DOWN Hugs!

Also, be encouraged to look around your home or your jewelry box with new eyes – maybe you have a butterfly that you’d like to pass on.  We will ask God to put it in the right hands!


4 thoughts on “Make a Butterfly

  1. Erica-

    Love this and I love your sweet caring soul. I cant wait to go home and gather butterflies and make some more.
    Love you!

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